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    Worldwide High Risk Credit Card Processing is the leading provider of high risk credit card processing for high risk businesses. We help various high risk industries process credit cards, utilize high risk merchant accounts, and accept payments so you can put more money in your pocket without the hassle and additional fees.

    As high risk payment gateway professionals, our goal is to develop a personal relationship with our clients and to encourage prosperity and longevity for your business. Our priority is to earn your trust as we advise you in high risk credit card processing.

    US Accounts

    Worldwide High Risk Credit Card Processing is the leading provider of credit card processing for high risk industries. We have been providing processing for over 25 years. These last 9 years have been exclusively devoted to high risk businesses. Our goal is to arrange for you to be accepted by at least 2 processors. This is our way of helping you to retain continuity of processing and earnings. We never charge an application or set up fee.

    Please complete the contact form or call Lloyd Katz at 561-676-1978.

    International Accounts

    We have direct relationships with many international banks and gateways. We provide credit card for businesses throughout the world. Whether you are a start up or a fully developed company, you can use our help. Currently we provide credit card processing for diverse businesses including erectile dysfunction, medicine, general pharmaceuticals, tech support, gaming, time share redemption, forex, CBD and credit repair.

    Yes, we can do CRYPTO.

    Contact us today and let us show you how smoothly we can set up an account for your business. We never charge an application…let’s start today. Call Lloyd Katz 561-676-1978 or email at Or, go to Contact US and complete the inquiry form.

    Terminated Merchant File

    Terminated merchant file/TMF is the worst thing that can happen to a merchant that wants to accept credit cards. But we have had very good results in overriding this problem to allow merchants to obtain credit card processing. However, it requires paperwork and diligence. We never charge a fee but again, it requires paperwork and diligence. Go to our Contact US page and complete the Inquiry Form so we can get you started.

    International Accounts

    Chargebacks are the big problem in the high risk industries. Most banks will drop a merchant if their chargebacks go over 1%. Our banks, because they understand the nature of the problem, allow for overages with our merchants. Chargeback mitigation is a system by which some companies professionally deflect the chargeback so that it does not appear on your record. We have long standing relationships with these companies. We will register your business with the chargeback mitigation company that is best for your industry. We never charge an application or set up fee.
    Click on Contact US and complete the inquiry form.


    Yes, we get 2-3 calls like yours every week.  There are companies out there that approve everybody and then review what you are actually doing after the fact.  The problem is that they often then hold your money. At Worldwide, we operate in a clear and transparent manner.  We ask you what you do or what you sell, and we look at your website.  Our banks understand the risk of your industry before they say yes. 


    We have a processor that can handle that problem.  They realize there are many different reasons that can put you on a TMF file.  It sometimes requires extra paperwork, but we can get it done.  Contact us ASAP.